SwiconGroup has been one of the leading members of the Hungarian market for more than a decade now. At our Budapest-based professional company, we provide personalized business services to our customers.

Our main activities can be classified into three groups:

The first field of activity is our commission-system related competency, knowledge, and awareness, with related general software development and operation. Our second main focus is headhunting and competency management, in connection to our HR services. Finally, our company’s third main angle is our creative IT agency with application development competency. Amongst our highly prestigious partners, we are proud to have leading banks, insurers, telecommunication companies, along with large corporations from the field of FMCG, and Shared Service Centers.

SwiconJobs gained recognition with the company’s recruitment services, amongst small and large enterprises working mainly in the field of IT and economy. Thanks to our competencies, we are able to provide successful solutions for the daily HR problems of local multinational enterprises. Our company covers the whole process of recruitment: our portfolio includes personalized solutions from smart headhunting, to classic headhunting and competency management, thus giving us the opportunity to shape our solutions to fully meet the ideas and wishes of the customers.

SwiconBase forms the basis of the group’s activity. Its priority product is our own, self-developed sales support system, being used presently by various acknowledged local financial institutions for the continuous calculation of sales associates’ commission. In addition, we’ve achieved notable success in developing, integrating and operating customized softwares.

SwiconSoda is the creative IT agency of of the company. Its motto is innovation and novelty and accordingly so, the majority of its projects are using the latest, most modern technologies. Its priority field is application development on various platforms from web to iOS, Android or even SmartTV. In addition, our video based service holds special importance in our profile, along with the distance-training and company communication support, all based on this technology.



Ádám Petricsek

Chief Strategy Officer

Ádám has gained experience at multinational companies, when young he acquired management skills by being the sales executive of more middle and large-sized firms. His proficiency on the market of information technology, his relationship network has meant a great help during the years. He established Swicon in 2008, which has become a strong market participant thanks to Adam’s goal-oriented mentality, vocation and diligence. His extensive network of relationships, knowledge, experience in management and strategic vision are the key to the success of our company.

Ildikó Petricsek

Chief Financial Officer

Ildikó is responsible for the entire operation of the company with all of the executive professional calling of a female. All the employees and partners of the company can experience her effective work day by day. lldikó is a productive leader and a good manager, in which roles she gained experience at her previous working places at middle and large-sized companies, thanks to these facts she supported Swicon in a proactive way from the beginnings. Her vocation, positive attitude are very useful concerning the whole company.

Krisztina Balla

Chief Business Development Officer

Prior to Swicon, Krisztina worked in the information sector as well. Her experience in the SME sector contributed greatly to the formation of Swicon’s new image. Her previous business development and marketing past successfully support the life of the organization. She can create concepts quickly and effectively and her creative ideas, positive thinking help the implementation of certain tasks.

Ferenc Kokovai

Chief Technology Officer

Ferenc has nearly 10 years of professional IT and executive experience. He has worked on successful projects in the sectors of telecommunication and finance, furthermore he participated in the execution of complex R&D projects. He took part in the managing of various developmental projects at more Hungarian subsidiaries of multinational companies. His strength lies in the quick creation of the original concepts and the functional harmonisation of different developments.

Attila Fülöp

Chief Product Officer

Attila got a degree in economics. He previously worked in the sectors of insurance and media, where he gained experience at large companies during their operation and as a result he introduced successful projects for more large Hungarian companies and multinational organizations. His good organizational skills and precision is a positive accompany of Swicon’s life.


H-1031 Budapest, Záhony u. 7. (Graphisoft Park MA épület)

Tel: +36 (1) 883-9860 Fax: +36 (1) 883-9869 Email: office@swicongroup.com


Our office can be reached by public transportation:

Buses: 34,106,134

HÉV: Kaszásdűlő station

By car: through Szentendrei road and Buda wharf

That’s how you can find us within Graphisoft Park

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